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FCapp - Football Challenge App allows football enthusiasts, coaches and fans to enjoy playing together. Effortlessly find other teams and football events.

Find matches

You can see all other teams who are willing to play. Find matches in your vicinity or search a specific area - it doesn't matter if you're looking for a quick play near your hometown or for a major sparing partner for your team when it's away.

You can filter teams by their categories or location, allowing you to find the perfect match for you and your team.

Join and organise tournaments

Are you interested in joining a tournament? Just go to the search tab and filter for tournaments - now it's that quick! You can let the organiser know that your team is interested and they will reach out to you directly.

Do you organise football tournaments? Now it's simpler than ever. With just a few taps, show and advertise your event to thousands of coaches and their teams.

Play football now!

Simply download FCapp and enjoy the comfort of finding other teams in a matter of seconds. You can forget spending hours on the phone and sending emails with FCapp - Football Challenge App.

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